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Student Go Cart Challenge

Student Challenge – Go Cart Project (gas)

Beginning in the fall of 2017, Swervin Mini Indy developed an idea to expand it’s Charity racing event by inviting high schools that taught trades related classes. Trades such as welding, electronics, mechanics, and body work where the main criteria in order to compete in the event.

Swervin Mini Indy would supply each interested school with a car to be repaired, tuned and detailed in their school colours. The car would be required to meet existing Swervin Race Criteria and technical requirements as outlined in our documentation.

2018 was the first year for Campbell Collegiate trades instructors to enter the event and they used a Swervin Car that was ready for racing. This first race gives the instructors a “feel” for the event and provide them with what would be required by their students to compete.

2019 Campbell Collegiate purchased a car and detailed it in their high school colours. They also fielded a team of over ten students eager to compete. This proved a large interest in students to compete. The following summer months, Swervin placed cars in Thom Collegiate, Peacock High School in Moose Jaw and Estevan Composite High School. We also had interest in sx other schools through out southern Saskatchewan.

In developing a partnership with Skills Canada, the school challenge will expand to central and northern schools as well. There would also be an opportunity to go interprovincial in Western Canada.

EV Student Challenge – Go cart project (Electric Vehicles - EV)

As a lot of schools run on a semester basis, not all students starting a trades class in September would be able to compete in June (usual race time) unless they were in a extracurricular activity or club.

With this in mind and knowing that Canada is interested in developing Electric Vehicle purchases and development, Swervin’s plan to have these carts modified by the high school teams to electric power in the fall semester and raced in an indoor venue before end of December and then converted back to gas to be run in the June event.

This EV student challenge will build interest in development of electric vehicles at the grass roots level which will lead to more creativity in building a Canadian made industry for these vehicles at the trade school and university levels.


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