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Student Challenge - Hyrdrofoil Boat Projects


While researching the Canadian Government interest in the development of Electric Vehicles, the idea of schools building other vehicles besides cars is being investigated. A popular sport and industry within Canada that could evolve within the EV scope is boating.

Building upon the design of the “Saucy Shingle”, a wood design developed in 1965 and reported on in Popular Mechanics magazine, each interested school with a wood working class as well as electronics, mechanics and auto body would follow construction plans provided to build on of these single seat racing boats. Rather than the conventional outboard motor used in the initial design, each school would develop a electric propulsion by either inboard or outboard design.

The competing schools would be judged on design, construction and overall performance of their craft.

This EV challenge will build interest in development of Electric vehicles at the grass roots level. This early education and interest will lead to more creativity in building a Canadian Made industry for these vehicles at the trade school and university levels.


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