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Social Distancing

Swervin Mini Indy

Event protocol

RE: Adherence to Saskatchewan Health Regulations during Pandemic (Covid 19) environment.

Social Distancing for the Mini Indy events shall be determined and controlled by the following rules and regulations in accordance with Saskatchewan Health Authority by the date of the 10th annual event, September 26, 2020. Located in Regina City Square Plaza.

All teams and volunteers for this event will be informed of these protocols prior to and while participating in this event. Each team is responsible for it’s team members to comply with and adhere to the following points.

1. All teams will be provided with a location surrounding the racing venue, but outside the fenced racetrack, to place personal / team items like tools, coats, parts, etc. To ensure safe social distancing, Teams may not exceed 10 persons in any “team” location surrounding the track area. Meeting the regulations set out by the government of Saskatchewan Health, no groups larger than 10 persons may congregate in one area. Teams are responsible for their own belongings (lost or stolen)

2. Team members entering the track area who are participating in a race must not exceed the number of 6.

3. Assigned pit areas for each race instead of being located in a “Pit Area”, as in previous years, will be spaced out over a number of locations around the racing area. Each pit location will be 10 feet away from the next pit are in order to ensure team members from different team are kept the standard 6 feet or greater apart. As in previous years, each team can pick their “Pit” location.

4. As team members of each participating team will be in close proximity with each other during a “Pit Stop” the use of FACE MASKS will be encouraged. These masks can be incorporated into the team’s uniforms. It is also the responsibility of each team to ensure the health of each of their team members and to eliminate any spread of the virus. It is required that each driver have their own helmet to make sure there is no sharing of helmets. If the team has multiple drivers that change each race, make sure the helmets have been sanitized for the safety of the user.

5. Teams are also required to bring hand cleaners, hand sanitizer and cleaning products to make sure they and their equipment is kept clean.

6. When racing in an event, teams will be lined up on the start line with the required distance of six feet from driver to driver.

Food Area and Concessions:

As the charity always has a food and concessions are, standard social distancing rules apply for persons “in line” for concessions. There will be a lot of space available for people to sit and enjoy concessions so that there is not a need for grouping together in larger numbers. These acceptable group numbers will be outlined by Sask Health and / or the city of Regina. Volunteers and race organizers and officials will be instructed to make sure all participates are in compliance.

NOTE: Social distancing rules will always be in compliance with Saskatchewan Health Authority rules and guidelines. However, these rules and guidelines are all subject to change according to evolving conditions of current health and safety notifications from the city of REGINA and Government of Saskatchewan.

Thank you

Merv Armstrong, BASc., P.Eng.

Event Organizer, Swervin Mini Indy “Race for Recovery”


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