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Race for Recovery, June 22-23, Downtown Regina

Race for recovery is a one of a kind charity fund raiser for Canadian Mental Health's Occupational Stress Initiative (OSI) program that supports first responders, front line workers and veterans suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Injury (PTSI).

2019 is the 9th year of the race! The race takes place in Regina's downtown city square plaza. Teams will complete in a 20 lap race with two pit stops, following rules based on Formula one and Nascar events.

To get inside the helmet, you will need a team of 5. The cost to race is $1000 minimum which is 100% donated to the charity. In addition a car can be rented for $500 or purchased. Please contact us get involved.

Sponsorships are also welcome. The more sponsors and teams, the more excitement.


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